Newsletter of the DECUS Connecticut Valley Local User's Group
Volume 8 March 30, 2000 (last published December 1993) Special Edition

New Flash:
by Bob McDougall
After years as an outsider looking in Rob Brooks is realizing the dream of many VMS advocates, the opportunity to work on the VMS Engineering Team. Anyone who knows Rob is aware that he is a strong proponent of VMS. In his own words this is how he announced it to his friends on DECUServe, the VAXnotes conferencing system where DECUS meets daily, in the WHO_AM_I conference:
Note 442.13                        Rob Brooks                           13 of 19
EISNER::BROOKS_R "Rob Brooks"                        34 lines  24-MAR-2000 14:28
                        -< new job -- VMS Engineering >-
    About four months ago, I wrote . . .
>       I still work at Aetna, Inc, in Hartford, CT.  Unfortunately,
>    the pointy-haired CIO decreed about a year ago that all DEC systems
>    must be out of the company by the end of 2000
>    If I choose to stay here once the last DEC stuff is carted out, I will
>    be retrained in Solaris.
   Happily, this won't be the case!
   I've been offered (and have accepted) a position with VMS Engineering
   in Nashua -- with the I/O Exec group.  As one with absolutely no VMS
   kernel experience (or even any "C" programming experience), this will
   be very interesting.  
   Awhile ago, Compaq held an open house event in Nashua, and I went up
   there looking to see what might be available for telecommuting
   possibilities (I live about 2 hours from Nashua), specifically working
   for a CSC, where I know there is lots of telecommuting.  Unfortunately,
   that group wasn't represented at the job fair.  While looking around, I
   somewhat inadvertently stumbled into the VMS Engineering booth, and
   apparently, the professional goal on my resume (to work in an
   environment where the robustness of VMS is understood and appreciated)
   caught a few eyes.
   So, the plan is for me to be mostly full-time in Nashua, coming up to
   speed on the I/O internals, for somewhere between 6 and 12 months (a
   rough estimate)  This will require my getting a small efficiency
   apartment up there to cut down on the driving -- probably spending 2 or
   3 nights a week there.  At some point, I'll work from home.  So, while
   it'll be somewhat annoying at first, the ability to work from home
   doing VMS is certainly a good carrot on stick!

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DECUS Connecticut Valley Local User's Group
March 2000 Meeting

Rob Brooks
Send Off Dinner

  You are cordially invited to attend a dinner in Rob's honor. Rob is a past chair of CVLUG and a long time contributor. We hope you can join us for this evening of celebration, friendship and reminiscence.  
Place: Luna Mia Ristorante
1360 Silas Deane Highway
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
860 529-5011
  Traditional fare "like mamma used to make," as well as baked goods, pizza and calzones.  
Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2000  
Time: 6:00pm  
Directions: From Hartford: Take I-91 S. Take the CT-99 exit, exit number 24, towards WETHERSFIELD/ROCKY HILL. Turn LEFT onto SILAS DEANE HWY;

From New Haven: Take the I-91 NORTH Take the CT-99 exit, exit number 24, bearing right towards WETHERSFIELD/ROCKY HILL. Merge onto SILAS DEANE HWY;

Luna Mia will be on your right just before the Mobil Station.
  *** WE'LL SEE YOU THERE ***  
RSVP by Tuesday April 4 - (Please pass the word to any other Luggies you can locate.)
to: Bob McDougall - Acting Program Coordinator (860)-636-1883
Please Provide a daytime phone number in case of any last minute changes.

CVLUG was active from February 1987 to December 1993 when it disbanded as a result of funding cuts.
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